Find & Retain Values Aligned Talent

* Find and Retain Values Aligned Talent

HR Attract connects people to jobs they love through values-based recruitment, team development and technology that help clients improve culture and performance.

Creative HR and values aligned Attraction

“HR Attract” isn’t just a name—it’s a commitment. It embodies our dual mission of nurturing human potential (HR) within organisations and attracting exceptional talent that resonates with your unique culture.

Developing your people is at the heart of what we do. By focusing on training and personal growth, we not only retain your invaluable team members but also enhance the overall culture of your organisation, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation.

Our approach to talent attraction is deeply rooted in aligning with your values. We believe in finding individuals who not only bring the necessary skills but also share your vision, ensuring a seamless integration into your culture and contributing to your collective success.

Attract professionals who fit into your team

​In order for new staff to be effective they not only need to be able to do the job, but they need to align to the values and ethos of the team. HR Attract use values based recruitment and the power of coHired’s ethos to find people who will excel in your organisation. 

This strategic approach ensures that each new hire becomes a valuable asset, contributing to the overall growth and success of your organization. We prioritise not only the skills and qualifications necessary but also the alignment of values and ethos. HR Attract ensures we can find you talent that are both proficient and share the same vision and work ethic as your team.

Fostering an Amazing Work Environment

​In a job market where there are almost two job openings for every unemployed person, attracting top talent goes beyond advertising for the right technical skills and experience. Companies that prioritize values-based recruitment gain a competitive edge by creating a workplace culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement which in turn sells itself. HR Attract are experts in identifying talent who not only meet the job requirements, but they also align with your team’s values helping you to build a workforce that is both capable and passionate about your organization’s mission.

Looking for professional work?

We want to connect you not just to any job, but to a job and a team you love. Join us on this journey, and let HR Attract be your trusted partner in finding a job that brings you joy, purpose, and fulfilment. Together, we can navigate the ever-evolving job market, unlock new opportunities, and create a brighter future for your professional endeavors. 

Elevate and Transform your Teams.

Elevating Team Dynamics:
HR Attract specialises in dynamic team development and facilitation services tailored to enhance cohesion, communication, and performance. Our expert facilitators bring diverse expertise to craft customised sessions that spark positive changes, leading to stronger, more cohesive, and innovative teams across various industries.

Transformative Team Development:
Experience impactful and lasting team development with HR Attract. Our customised facilitation sessions utilise a range of methodologies to empower teams to overcome challenges, embrace diversity, and achieve collective success. Contact us today to schedule a transformative team event and elevate your team’s performance.

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