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Our passion is to connect you to a job you love. This means helping you find an employer is has the same shared values, a great team environment and where you can grow and develop in your career. 

People (you) Matter is baked into our DNA

We know that some ‘recruiters’ have a bad reputation. At HR Attract our purpose is “People Matter ∴ Do Good” which means we approach Candidates and Jobseekers in a very different way.

We genuinely want you to find a job you love and we use the latest AI to predict the best team Ethos you will fit into, along with a human to human values based recruitment process really understand where you will thrive.

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Reach out to us and give us a call or send through a message. If we can’t help you right now we will be honest and upfront and let you know. 

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Lisa Shaw
Head of HR Attract
M: 029 226 8862

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