Ai Powered Recruitment

Use AI Technology To Enhance Diversity And Productivity

Our Ai looks beyond the words on an application or CV, instead seeking to understand the person and match them to a job they love.

Recruitment Supported by AI

In June we partnered with coHired who developed proprietary Ai that predicts if someone will love their job. It does this in 3 ways; 


By understanding the Ethos of the person and comparing it to the ethos of the team. Each team is different. Some are more compassionate, others more candid, whereas others can feel like a family.

​None of these are wrong, but putting a person into a team where they don’t fit leads to lower retention and performance.​


coHired ingests the CV, Job Ad and Role description and can assess a person’s experience match to what is needed in the role. 




Job Fit

Our Ai takes the CV and ethos data to match against all job families, work skills, activities and styles.

It then rebuilds this data to understand if the person would be a great fit for this job, even if they don’t have specific industry experience.


Human Touch

We look beyond the words on an application or CV, instead seeking to understand the person. We don’t ever discount an application until we have physically reviewed it, and often can see things that spark our interest, and where the person meets the criteria and can add value.

​We know that in a diverse world, we all look different, have different stories, backgrounds, and journeys to get us to where we are. We look for ways to include rather than exclude people into our recruitment process. 

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