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How To Create a Compelling Brand People Want to Work For

Employer brand is the cornerstone that can make or break a company’s future. But, your company’s reputation or the employee values that are embedded in the company, called the Employer Brand, cannot build itself overnight.
In fact, in a recent report 43% of surveyed employees state that the primary reason for their departure in search of a new job, is the corporate culture of their previous employer.
Creating a compelling brand is an important part of attracting top talent and building a successful business. Here are some tips for creating a brand that people will want to work for…

Define Your Brand Values
What is important to your company and what do you stand for? Make sure your values are authentic and reflect the culture and mission of your business.

To put this into practice, and create jobs people love, you have to value your exiting coworkers. If your company culture isn’t up to the mark, thanks to professional networks like LinkedIn, the word gets around quickly, and you will soon struggle to secure top talent.

Another way to ensure that your values align with the mission of the company is to implement employee surveys. You can use something as simple as an employee Net Promoter Score. We like to use platforms such as 15five to gauge our team’s wellbeing and feelings on how we are living our company’s values, ethos, and the pace of their growth within the company.

This feedback helps you address your shortcomings while strengthening the areas that are already doing well.

Use Compelling Communication
Clearly communicate your brand, values, and mission to potential employees through your company website, social media, and job listings. This will help attract people who align with your values and mission.

Your current and ex-employees know your history, so advertising gimmicks aren’t going to cut it. Be honest in your marketing, tell people exactly what they can expect to earn early in the process. Make realistic promises that your company can back when structuring attractive benefits.

Foster A Positive Company Culture
Create a work environment that is positive, inclusive, and supportive. This can include things like offering flexible work schedules, providing opportunities for professional development, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. Providing competitive benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off will strengthen both your offering for new employees and retain existing staff.

Be Transparent and Utilise Feedback
Be open and honest about your company’s goals, challenges, and opportunities. This helps to build trust and foster a sense of collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Keeping an eye on employee turnover can help you to understand if specific team cultures are truly reflective of the company’s brand. Is there a particular team which finds it hard to retain staff? Do you feel like there is a lack of transparency when understanding why someone left? Employee exit interviews will help you maintain transparency, build on trust, and improve teamwork through feedback.

Focus On Employee Development
Invest in your employees by offering training and development opportunities. This shows that you value your employees and are committed to their growth and success.

No one wants a dead-end job at a company that doesn’t value its people. In a 2021 report done by Monster, 45% of surveyed employees said they would be more likely to stay at their current jobs if they were offered more training. Develop your employees’ careers, and they’ll reward you with improved performance and higher retention.

Work With a Recruitment Firm
Even after following these tips, you might still not see the results you need. This is where a trusted recruitment firm comes into play. They’re specialists in tapping into talent pools with their connections. The correct recruitment company knows how to sell your brand and gives you valuable insights into the market and where you sit in it. Are you not offering enough for the level of experience you are wanting? Do you need to adjust the job description or package to make it look more attractive? A recruitment specialist can speak into what areas are lacking in both your company culture and talent search.

Craft Jobs People Love
Unlike in the old days, if your values alignment is lacking, or if your employees feel like they’re undervalued, it’s easier for them to find new opportunities where they can flourish. Esteemed brands don’t receive their prestige on a silver platter. It comes with carefully crafting jobs people love and sharing that with the public. By following these tips, you can create a compelling brand that attracts top talent and helps you build a successful business.

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