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Why Values Should Drive the Recruitment Process

Ignoring organisational values in recruitment is like setting sail without a compass—it’s a directionless endeavour that can lead to costly misalignments.

Getting Started
At HR Attract we believe that organisational values should be the primary channel through which candidates are assessed at interviews. Here how to make it happen:

Preparing for the Interview:

  • Ask values aligned questions: Look at each of your values and make sure you have 1-2 questions that find practical behavioural examples of how the candidate aligns with the values. For example, of one of our values is “Love People” so we ask “Can you provide an example of how you have put the value of “Love People” into practice in a work setting? “
  • Align experience and job fit to your values. Obviously, you also want to know if people have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the role. The goal is to align these questions under each value. So, for our value of ‘Delight our Customers’ you could ask a finance person about who their ‘customers’ are and how they ensure they provide financial information that enables their customers do be delighted.

At the interview:

  • Explain the values-based approach: And share a high level summary of your values and purpose.
  • Ask for stories and examples: As you begin the questions, explain that you are not looking for their theory of living values, but stories and examples that demonstrate how you align to the values.​

The Research Backs It Up
Studies have shown that values alignment between employees and organisations significantly boosts retention rates. According to the Corporate Leadership Council, employees who feel aligned with their company’s values are 29% more likely to stay.

Aligning recruitment with organisational values isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity. It ensures that new hires are not just capable but also culturally compatible, leading to a more cohesive and committed workforce.
Start with values and build a team that truly embodies what your organisation stands for.
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