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People Matter Collective

At the People Matter Collective, we are driven by a simple yet profound vision: People Matter. Our mission is to connect people to jobs they love through values, recruitment, and systems that enhance culture and productivity. This approach enables us to scale our impact globally, ensuring that every interaction and every connection counts.

Our Businesses

HR Attract

  • What We Do: As a professional recruitment agency, we find values-aligned talent for professional and executive roles across New Zealand.
  • Our Promise: “Attract & Retain Values Aligned Talent.”
  • Discover More: HR Attract

Agoge Recruitment

  • What We Do: We specialize in industrial recruitment, providing reliable frontline staff across New Zealand.
  • Our Promise: “Find reliable industrial staff who stay longer.”
  • Discover More: Agoge Recruitment


  • What We Do: Leveraging AI technology, we are experts in recruitment sourcing and shortlisting, enhancing efficiency and fit.
  • Our Promise: “Recruitment sourcing and shortlisting experts.”
  • Discover More: coHired

Our Shared Values

Love People

Delight Our Customers

Make an Impact

Learn for Growth

Our Strategy

Growth through Habits that Create Value
Our collective strategy focuses on three pillars: Valuable Clients, Agile Teams, and Shared Stories. These pillars are designed to foster growth and maximize the value we deliver to our stakeholders.
Together, the People Matter Collective strives to embody our values in every action and to ensure that our approach to business serves a greater purpose, transforming the employment landscape by prioritising human well-being and professional fulfillment.

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