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Recruit staff who love their jobs through values-based recruitment

We help companies recruit people who will love there jobs through values-based recruitment resulting in improved culture and performance overall.

Attract talent who fit into your team

​In order for new staff to be effective they not only need to be able to do the job, but they need to align to the values and ethos of the team. HR Attract use values based recruitment and the power of coHired’s ethos to find people who will excel in your organisation. 

Improve team performance with experience fit

​In addition to great Team Fit, we will source and attract people who have the experience and qualifications that allow your organisation to achieve more. Great Team Fit + Great Role Fit = Great culture and performance.

Consulting services to improve culture & performance

In addition to attracting talent our consultants can help you improve the culture and performance of your team by supporting with Recruitment Process Development, Clifton Strengths Training, Neuro-Leadership and OKRs implementation.

How can HR Attract help?

Reach out to us and give us a call or send through a message. If we can’t help you, we will be honest and upfront and let you know. 

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Lisa Shaw
Head of HR Attract
M: 029 226 8862

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