Values Based Recruitment ​

Use organisational values to engage candidates who align with you

HR Attract use values-based recruitment techniques to find people who will not only excel in your organisation through values alignment, but stay longer and thrive

Attract professionals who fit into your team

​In order for new staff to be effective, they not only need to be able to do the job, but they need to align to the values and ethos of the team. HR Attract use values-based recruitment and the power of coHired’s ethos to find people who will excel in your organisation.

Values Scoping

​We start by deeply understanding the values of the organisation, its purpose and what makes them unique. From there we customise the recruitment process and questions to ensure we are values first in our approach, because nothing kills culture and inclusion more than a ‘great performer’ who everyone hates to work with.

Ethos Engagement

​We then use coHired’s proprietary Ai to understand the ethos of various teams. By conducting a short questionnaire with your team, we can predict if people will fit into your individual team culture. 

Gallup Strengths Finder

​Using Gallup, we discover the top 5 strengths of shortlisted candidates. This gives you a fresh perspective into how the interact with your team.

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